Roses of Peace

Mother Mary has over the centuries, given us countless wonderful signs of her immense love and tender care – through manifestations, revelations, and messages in different parts of the world to people and groups from all walks of life. The expressions of her love for us permeate our hearts and planet Earth, with a special beauty and peace, as if being gifted a precious rose from Mary herself.

On receiving her boundless, sweet and tender love, we feel immense gratitude and the desire to reciprocate; to give our hearts to her, to shower her with loving thoughts of gifts of fresh roses.

Many of us pray to Mother Mary, gracefully offering our prayers like a bouquet of roses. She always lovingly hears and answers our heartfelt calls. No soul is ever left to face life alone. She is always there to give help and guidance to anyone who asks.

Now we are here again and we pray for peace to Her, who is the Queen of Peace, from whose heart peace and tender, embracing love flow unstoppably.

We would like to warmly invite you to join us in offering a universal prayer in which we turn to our dearest Mother Mary for peace—for the peace of the human heart and the world.

If you feel your heart calling you to spread love and peace in this way, please join us in spirit and truth.

We are love and peace that flow out of us with each of our heartbeats, creating peace in and out. Our prayers connect us to one another and confirm the truth in us that we are all one heart and mind in Christ. Knowledge gradually becomes an experience within us and we feel the heartbeat of Heaven in our hearts. And when hearts beat together with the Immaculate Heart of Mary—miracles happen. And the miracles of love—whether they touch a single heart or the whole world—bring peace.

We offer ourselves, our prayers, our peaceful hearts and the entire world to Mary, Mother of Love, expressing our gratitude for the love of Heaven and asking for Her help creating peace. Mother Mary is our hope, our certainty, the tender mother’s hand that leads us on safe paths.

We thank every beautiful soul who joins us—at any time, even with a single sigh.

Our Roses of Peace prayer was started on 14th March 2022 and is offered every day at 6 p.m. which begins the hour dedicated to Mother Mary. The fact that we – who join this way – live in many different times zones across the face of the globe, gives a special beauty to our prayers which will flow constantly and unceasingly into the beautiful heart of our Immaculate Mary, although neither words nor time matter in the Reality of Love, except for the pure intention of the heart.

We pray the Rosary to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, but all prayers, any expressions of the love of our hearts are perfect. We wish from the bottom of our hearts that may we all awaken to the love and peace that we are as a gift of God.

Only in silence, in the depths of our hearts, in a dimension invisible to the eye, can we feel that we are all one heart and mind. Our hearts are beating to the same rythm—although distance, time, and the roles of our humanity seem to separate us.