Prayers from Mother Mary

The Prayer of Awareness 

I am here on this beautiful Earth where I have every opportunity

to express myself, the love I am.

I am here in this wonderful body, which is exactly what it should be.

I am grateful for it, as it provides a great opportunity

to be who I am at the moment.

Happiness and love are in me and everywhere around me.

I feel its spreading warmth and serenity in my body and soul.

The love I am embraces my present reality.

I inhale the love that fills everything in and around me.

God is the love in me, and I am in God forever.

The love within me connects me with all my siblings

and makes us one.

I am love, peace and happiness now and forever.

(Dewdrops of Wisdom 7)



The Prayer of the Self

I have existed as an infinite and extensive consciousness

from eternity. I am forever without end.

My present physical reality is a ray of my infinite Self.

God is in me and I am in God—together in an inseparable, blissful unity.

I am love because God, the eternal source of love, is in me.

I am the face of God, an infinite,

and unrepeatable, unique face of love.

God creates in me and through me.

His creative desire, the love of His heart lives within me.

An unquenchable creative fire and life-giving water make up my being,

creating a new reality in every moment.

Millions of rainbows shine through me,

colors hiding beautiful music yet to be created.

Joy is dancing in me,

and I am flying on the wings of love, like the breezes of Spring.

My being is as light as a snowflake sparkling in the light.

Tenderness, with sweet embrace holds me eternally in every moment.

An unquenchable creative desire pulsates in me to share myself, the love within.

The power of God shines in me; igniting desire, fire, and dance,

which gently envelops me creating wondrous new pathways.

I am boundless—both in form and beyond form, in infinity.

The love in me is my essence:

being where my desire, strength, peace, joy, tenderness, and my all, embrace.

I am love, pure God-essential love.

(Divine Dance 33)

The Prayer of Forgiving Love

You are my sibling, I do not judge you, just as God does not.

I know you are a beautiful image of God.

I know that love lives in your heart and you are one with God,

even if you are not aware of it.

I want you to be happy.

I want you to find your true self, love.

I embrace you the way you are

and put you in the palm of God in my heart.

I want you to feel the never-ending love of God.

May the Almighty God bless you and liberate you to love. Amen.

(Motherhood of Love 13/3)

A Prayer of Gratitude to Creator Love 

Creator Love, the source of our souls!

Our hearts sing with gratitude to You

for your infinite benevolance and generosity.

Thank you for sharing Yourself, your love with us.

How can we express our gratitude other than by allowing love

to have a face in us.

What greater desire could we have than to be envoys of beautiful love.

The source of our infinite joy is You,  fullness of love.

Thy will be done forever.

May all created souls unite in the never-ending miracle of love—

with You, Creator Love. Amen. 

(Motherhood of Love 2/5)

The Prayer of Trust 

I trust in the power of the love

that lives in me.

I trust I have exactly the experience I need.

I trust that I will be able to act

in accordance with the love

that lives in me.

I trust to feel the guidance of love.

I trust in the power of the love

that lives in me.

I trust in God, in the love who is in me.

(Divine Dance 25)

The Prayer of the Heart

I love you, my God. You are Love and me alike.

In me You are and in You am I. Amen.

(Motherhood of Love 8/4)