DIVINE DANCE – New Forms of Beautiful Love

Mother Mary’s message

Beautiful soul! How wonderful human beings are. Look at the power that lies within you. You live life day after day even if you do not understand why, even if you suffer. Strength and the desire to live surpasses everything. Love wants to spread through form. Love ennobles the form, sanctifying it with its presence.

You, the human being is begining to awaken to the consciousness of your divinity, of love, which will be on a different vibrational level. Your whole being is imbued by the divine presence. You are coming into conscious connection with your own spirit, and your body is attuned to this blissful vibration. You are now able to perceive the energy of love on another level, to perceive it more fully. Imagine that you are in a wonderful world, although you have no senses to fully grasp that. What you can sense through all this however, is like viewing tiny binoculars that can only show you a circle, a vague slice of the whole picture. Presently you can only detect tiny rays of this beautiful reality with the senses you currently have.

Human beings are going through a wonderful evolution. But why do you have to go through this? Why cannot you fall into this great happiness without undergoing phases? The answer is very simple: for the unspeakable joy of creation and the experience. Of course, this does not seem so to you from the reality of a single Earthly life of suffering.

You are on the verge of the next leap in human evolution. Do not look at this from the reality of a single life, but let us move away from the Earth a little so that you can see and feel it more clearly. This leap is not a single moment and is not realized in all people at the same time. It will now be a huge shift in consciousness. Everything you have experienced so far is meant to serve this step. The steps build on each other because they are organized around a specific principle. Now is the time to take this leap as a single whole of humanity. This is not the reality of a single life on Earth, but part or slice of a comprehensive process.

What does a change of consciousness mean? You, the human being, is ready to see yourself as more than an individual, and is ready to step out of this state and awaken to the reality that you do not have only a human nature. You now awaken to the consciousness of the divine spirit living in you, that is, you awaken to yourself. As you can only perceive a small ray of the extended consciousness of the divine spirit at this time; this experience will be limited, yet nevertheless a huge step compared to the previous state, and of great significance in itself. The tiny ray that you are now able to sense from the divine spirit fills you with happiness whose power is able to keep you at a higher level of vibration. It is a process that unfolds step by step. As more and more people experience it on an individual level, it is becoming easier for others to make this leap because the overall vibrational level of the Earth increases as each individual awakens. Old patterns are also present, but more and more new patterns of energy are forming from the reality of love that permeate through the Earth and the human being.

By tuning in to these new patterns, everything changes. A new reality is taking shape. Souls awakened to self-consciousness are in constant contact with their divine spirits, through which they live their human lives. This connection when intertwining, gives an opportunity for the new to appear. As they move into a different state of consciousness, different skills appear, so to speak, and new sensory organs develop that make the new state of consciousness perceptible. With these new senses, one can more fully grasp the reality of love. The tiny binoculars that have been available to you so far will be transformed. It still remains a binocular, because at this stage of development human beings are not yet able to fully comprehend extensive consciousness, but in due time, it will be experienced as complete freedom and a vast, liberating, and magnificent panorama.

The seeds of this are already on Earth, and there are many people in whom these abilities are already beginning to develop, and some skills are already fully present. But that is not the goal. However exciting the emergence of a new skill is, the goal is to embrace and experience the happiness of love as comprehensively as possible, in which these new skills only help.

Remember what St. Paul says, “If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.”

I want you to see the fuller picture so you can feel where this beautiful humanity is heading. You will experience love in a whole new way. More fully, connected to the God within you.

Experiencing a new state of consciousness is made possible by connecting with love, but the power of habit still vibrates in you, so it is important that you take time each day to feel the beauty of your divine spirit. Love never results in a feeling of superiority, but serves with a humble heart. Love is the sun around which everything revolves. God, the God of love, is the only one that every person awakened to love wants to serve. Love guides and leads you to the experiences with which you are able to express more fully the love that lives within you, the light of yourself.

This change of consciousness can also be said to ennoble matter, that is form. Please appreciate that I tend to use form in a broader sense, by which I mean not only physical reality, but human nature along with its qualities, its personality. The divine presence, the realization of the divine Spirit, permeates all areas of your human existence. You allow the divine soul within you to live through your humanity. It changes everything, although love is never meant to change, just simply embrace and expand. But from the fact that the divine Spirit permeates humanity, changes occur. Your body is able to contain the nourishing energy of love, and be recharged by it. All of this is under the control of the divine Spirit, which requires only openness to it. Step by step, you will learn to let love guide you.

You will no longer want to act out the energy that you experience and feel in your body as a result of various impulses, but rather to embrace it with your divine spirit. The energy coming through your heart and body will nourish you, if you do not act it out right away. Energy is a pure nourishing and creative power that you cannot yet use. However, you will be able to learn all this through the embrace of love living within you. If you perceive and embrace the energy that lies behind the rage with the love that lives in you, it will not appear as destructive energy, but instead will follow the path of love. To do this, you must be in union with your Christ-self.

When you are able to feel your beautiful spirit, you are more able to absorb the vibrations of love. This is where your body resonates and certain diseases avoid you.

I want you to be able to place this knowledge in the right context. I am talking about energy, a change of consciousness, the emergence of new skills being all different manifestations of love. Let tender and sweet love fill you. Everything is meant to express love and the form without love is empty. Skills will only take you elsewhere without love. The form becomes ill without love. The energy, based on love, is distorted by perception that is lacking  love.

The sweet, gentle, warming and comforting fire, the outpouring of God’s infinite love, is what refines the form, and all aspects of human existence. This fire is there in you, it is part of your self and inseparable from you. Feel its amazing power and connect with it. This is the real you. Experience this burning, blissful fire, a tongue of the flame of God’s outpouring.