MOTHERHOOD OF LOVE – Greetings from Mother Mary

Mother Mary’s message

My dear ones, dear mothers and fathers! I speak to you as your heavenly mother and urge you to experience the tender love of my heart and to show you the way of your sacred calling. Unspeakable love burns in my heart for you and all creatures. I am by your side in the embrace of time and timelessness. I am by your side in rain and sunshine. All my desires are for you to be happy. And you will be happy when you start living according to who you really are. You are beings of love and if you live by it, you will be happy forever.

Dear souls! Your desire to raise your children in unconditional love has created a new path. Your desire was joined by the desire of other beautiful hearts to place the sublime parenting on a new foundation at this point in space and time. The new path lays the foundation for building a new world.

The first and most important thing on this path — and this is the core of this work — is to find your true self, who belongs to you forever as a gift from God. You will recognize your true self, because by my words the long-forgotten memory will awaken in you, and all your efforts will be to embrace your true self again, who has always been the soul of your soul. Without your true self, you cannot be who you are. You are all love, and you cannot be happy if you do not fulfill yourself.

How to raise children who radiate love? How can you help them contribute to happiness?

Your children should not be raised primarily, but loved. It is important to share yourself with them. If you do not share your true self, you will share unhappiness. Spirituality and parenting, heavenly and earthly matters cannot be separated. You have to face human matters and tasks with divine love in your hearts that you received when you were created. Nothing is impossible when you are united with the love that lives in you.

See the embodiment of love, desire and miracles in your children. Help this desire gain as much strength as possible and this way you lead them to happiness. They will not be happy about being successful from a secular point of view, but rather by how much they can express the love that lives in their hearts.

My messages are not parenting advice, not practices that you can try and discard if it works  or not. However you educate, teach your children, these beautiful souls learn by imitating a pattern. You will be unconsciously copied. It is essential to give them a pattern that will lead them and yourself to happiness. The love that lives in you knows exactly what to do, and through inspiration, this knowledge is always at your disposal. In raising your children, the most you can do is give of yourself, become aware of the self that is a gift from God to you.

We set off together, hand in hand on this wonderful journey. I am a mother, just like you.

And you dear fathers, you can experience your parental responsibilities on a new level. Your own fatherhood also carries a part of motherhood because you have taken it to a new level. The tenderness and understanding love of the mother is carried in you as well.

A new mother and a new father are being born. You are the bearers and intermediary of divine love as a mother and a father. You have taken on a sacred task for yourself.

Step behind the words and feel that I stand by you and embrace you with the full love of my heart. I am not speaking to you from the heights of the distant heaven. I am in the beautiful garden of your heart as you have allowed me to be close. I am not unfamiliar to you, you just do not remember me. But the sweetness and tenderness of my voice will bring back your forgotten memories, and if not consciously, but on the wing of intuition, you will know that we are one in love, as we have always been one.