MOTHERHOOD OF LOVE – 6. One Heart, One Soul

Mother Mary’s message

   1. The love of the Mother

Here we are again, dear soul, full of joy and happiness that we can be together. We are all one heart, one soul.

I am one with you in every sense. I am not above you and I am not your teacher. Consider me as a friend, a true and good friend with whom you can share all the secrets of your heart. Look not at the form, but at the essence. Our essence is exactly the same. You and I are love. We have a lot more in common than you might think. I am one of you, and I express myself in my own unique way, just as you do.

I pour out the full love of my heart to you and I am unable to turn away from you at any time. I give of myself, and I do not expect anything in return. I am glad if you give of yourself too, but I do not require anything, because I love you freely. I do not expect you to follow the same path as I do. I do not expect anything from you, not even your love. I love you for who you are right now. I do not expect you to change or do anything for me. I love you unconditionally. Forever and ever. If you turn your back on me and think I am not leading you in the right way, you can do that too. My love for you will not change. There is no circumstance in Heaven and Earth that will cause my love for you to cease. I love you forever and ever, with unquenchable love—with the Heart of God. This is the love of the Mother, this is Divine Love.

   2. The sign of the times

The desire for love that lives in everyone’s heart can be less and less suppressed by the hustle and bustle of the world. This is exactly the sign of the times, which is not to say that the world has gone so badly that it is ripe for destruction. No. The world is on the path of fear and is ready to move on the path of love. More and more people are becoming aware of the desire that lives in their hearts. This tremendous, unquenchable, ever-increasing desire shows that humanity is mature and ready to build a new world on love instead of fear.

Rejoice when you notice the signs of the new times. Feel the wonderful, all-powerful desire that has awakened in humanity on a collective level as well. This desire is like an extensive web that embraces the entire Earth; a soft warm embrace like a womb that gives you the opportunity and space to conceive the new, the birth of the new. Feel how much you desire to love and to be loved. If you get rid of the emotional sticking points, the disappointments, the pains and the expectations of the past, this overwhelming desire to love will shine clearly, freely, in its own wonderful reality. Surrender yourself to the liberating power of this desire, which will motivate you to approach the world in a new way.

My dear ones! See the signs of the times! Look at the children today, how hungry they are for love, goodness, and friendship. Do not be deceived by appearances. What is on the surface only suppresses the exploding desire to be loved unconditionally from true, pure heart.

Look at all these innocent children! Why do you think even harder-hearted people are impressed by the sight of a charmingly dozing baby? They feel the purity, the charm, the touch of love. Observe their first years and see that by following the path of the world, which is the path of fear, these children will become more and more unhappy. Some sooner, some later. By the time they grow up, their sincere happiness and joy can only be seen in traces.

The whole world is hungry for Divine Love. You are the envoys of beautiful love. Share the light you have found in yourself with the world.

   3. The mirror of your heart

Be friends with your beloved children. You are older and have more life experience—that is the difference between you. But you are completely equal in love. You are not above your children, dear soul, just as I am not above you. Subordinate and superior relations reflect the shadows of the past.

People pay special attention and love to their loved ones and friends. There is a special reserved place in their hearts for the privileged, and this special love is denied to others. It is believed that the uniqueness of these special relationships would be damaged by this. However, love does not use distinctions and shines its light equally on everyone. Each relationship will be different and beautiful due to the unique reactions, receptivity and the uniqueness of the parties involved. The mother does not discriminate against her children, does not love any of her children better, does not treat them differently, yet her relationship with each child is different. The pure love of the mother herself, flows freely to her children without restriction.

Think of someone who has a special place in your heart. You pour out the fullness of your love to this person, you would do anything for her. Settle into this energy, feel it in all your cells, soul and body. Give yourself enough time to make the feeling complete within you. Now let’s see if you can feel the same thing when you think of somebody else. Are you able to pour the same love to others?

You say, of course not, since you cannot love another child as much as your own; you cannot think of another person with as much love as your mate. You have a special relationship with them and you would feel guilty if you did.

But I am not talking about love filled with with human expectations and emotions, but about being able to fully share yourself with others. Can you selflessly, gladly spread your light like the sun? If your light shines on some people and avoids others, you are bounded by human love, and you do not let your true self be manifested.

If you are love, if you are aware that you are connected with your true being in every single moment, the happiness that you are radiates from you. You are happy alone, even in yourself, because you know that you are never really alone as you are in eternal oneness with God.

If you live in the consciousness of the wholeness of yourself—even if you only feel it in shreds—and meet someone, you will give yourself, the self that is love. The way that this love flows to others will be determined by the uniqueness and reaction of the other and the desire within you. This makes each relationship different, unrepeatable.

You are a beautiful mirror when you experience and manifest yourself, love. If one looks into this mirror, one will see oneself, love. As deeply as he can do this, you can connect just as deeply with him. The nature of your relationship is determined by it.

You meet someone and he feels something that fills him with a pleasant warmth, so he will look forward to the next meeting with you. Another person walks past you without being touched by your being. But maybe you will also have an encounter that will bring miracles into your life. You get in touch with someone who sees, feels the love in you, and reflects it back. You will be surprised to notice the same love in him that is within you. You will gladly discover that you are one heart. You are able to live together and realize that love is your essence, so this relationship will be completely different. You have not changed anything in the meantime. You are the same love, you radiate the light of who you are, but you have met someone who does the same, and because you spoke the same language, your relationship will be deeper. You can give yourself more fully to him because he can accept you more fully. He will not only feel and perceive one ray of light in you, but he embraces the fullness of your being. From the outside, you might seem to love this person more than the others, but only the light of a mirror is different, as it adds to the light of another mirror and multiplies.

Let us immerse ourselves for a moment in the beauty of words, which are profound symbols that reveal reality. You say to one another: “My Beloveds, you are in my heart, without you I could not be who I am.”  You carry the one you love in your heart. She has become part of your heart and soul. You are now one heart. Your attributes are no different than before. Your heart became fulfilled. You embrace your own parts in every heart connection. Love is your own essence, so if you meet love in the other, you meet yourself because you are love. We are all part of the one—Love. The love within you is attracted to all that is love, as love cannot be separated. You only perceive this in the world of rigid forms. Love is one, so everything that is two wants to be one. Love wants to melt into love to be fulfilled. This is the mystery of love.

   4. No one can offer you anything but love

You want to be happy, to smile, but then you come across people who do not share this view and are immersed in the boredom of life. “Why do I need to have people in my life who pull me back into the swamp of the past?”—you think from time to time. “How much easier it would be if I were surrounded by people who help me be happily myself”—you sigh, regretting your difficult life.

My dear! Everyone is always in your life to help you be yourself. No one can offer you anything but love, as they give you the opportunity to be the love you are.

If you are loving with those who love you, you have captured from the fullness of love only the sweet feeling you feel in the company of your loved ones. But the love who you are, remains love in all circumstances. There are those who let the sun caress their faces and there are those who take shade from it. But the light of the sun does not deviate from this, it does not take away its rays, it does not limit its being because someone rejects it. It radiates itself happily.

The one who might annoy or sadden you will give you a gift as he offers you the opportunity to be yourself. He provides you space to be fulfilled. You learn to be yourself, to be love in all circumstances.

This is also true for the events of your life. Each and every event will help you, even if the opposite is seen. Everything is for you, dear soul, and not against you. There is not a single moment in life that does not serve your good. This beautiful Earth and people are for you. The good and the seeming bad is for you as well. Everything serves the beautiful purpose of waking you up so you can notice the wonderful love that you are with your brothers and sisters.

Questions pull you back into the complex thought system of the mind, and the lengthy analyses take you even further away from your goal. However, the answer to why is very simple. Every single person, without exception, is in your life to love them. No matter how kind or annoying they may be.

You might say that you cannot love a person who does not love you and even tries to hurt you. In this case you confuse love—who you are—with the feeling, what the human concept covers and which is more of a kind of sweet affection. Love can also be expressed in respect, which you can give to anyone unconditionally.

Take a look at me, dear child! When I held my dear son’s body taken from the cross, deep pain pervaded my heart, my body, and my whole being. At that moment, I kept all the suffering and pain of the world in my heart. Along with the pain, deep compassion also penetrated my heart. The pain turned into compassionate pain and love in me, which prompted me to find a way to show the sufferers what they really are in God’s eyes. I did not judge them because I know their souls. How could I have pushed them away from me? I am always love under all circumstances.

Look at the many precious human souls who suffer an abundance of pain caused by their deeply unhappy fellow human beings. They seem so helpless and fallen. You just watch them in pain and your heart feels for them. What the precious human soul can experience, who is the face of God, is that he was created for happiness.

The compassionate heart encloses in her prayers people who cause suffering. She gently bends down for them and places them on the palm of God. She sincerely, from her pure heart, wishes them to be happy. She carries them in her heart so that the tender breath of love will give life to their hearts.

The love that lives in you approaches the other with unconditional respect, in which the fullness of your love is expressed:

“You are here that I love you. I know you. I know that behind the mask you are love like me. I know you want to be happy like me. I respect and love in you who you really are. You are here that I love you. I know the face of God is hidden in you and I keep it in my heart. I do not keep evidence of your mistakes because I am here to love you. I respect your freedom and only keep the light of God in you. ”

If you say these words in the silence of your heart, you will no longer see him as an external stranger or enemy, and your heart will be filled with compassion.

What does it mean to love my beloved? Love cannot be defined by qualities and concepts because love is the essence of God. If you are yourself, you are love that naturally flows out of you. Since you are in the phase of awakening, you need to be given pictures, words, a displayable form that will help open your consciousness.

Love is the fullness in which everything is contained. It involves the sweet fire that gently surrounds you and gives you so much happiness. You want to pass this on to others, and you want to get it back. Everyone is in other stages of awakening, but they may also be asleep. Love definitely gives respect to the other, which may be manifested in respecting that the other is sleeping and not trying to wake him up. You respect that he wants to sleep, you do not want to wake him up. It is his decision, and in this case, love flows out of you in the form of respect. Non-judgemental respect is understood and felt by everyone, even those who sleep.

The love who you are keeps the light. To the sleeping and fighting people, this manifests itself in such a way that you do not collect the burdensome evidence and memories of their stumbles and evils, you do not mention them again and again, but you allow them to be blown away by the beneficial breeze of oblivion. Love is always fair. This is the only way where justice also makes sense. You can only be fair if you spread the light of love to everyone without exception. This is the only way you can raise them and yourself to God.

The love who you are keeps God’s face in everyone so that when they wake up, you can rejoice in their light together. They fight with supposed enemies in their dreams—without being aware of their actions—as they sleep in the embracing arms of God. They are here to love them. Keep everyone in the embrace of your heart and in your prayers, my dear, as I do.