MOTHERHOOD OF LOVE – 5. The Land of Beautifying Reality

Mother Mary’s message

   1. Your answers

Loving soul! Here we are together in the beautiful sanctuary of your heart, where you are yourself, that is, where you are love. The sanctuary is always the starting point, no matter what questions or concerns you have. All the answers are in you to everything that comes from your soul, as the question and the answer form a unit. When the question is born, the answer is given too, because God will never leave any question unanswered.

While your children grow up, you will often find yourself with the ready-made answers of the world. It seems obvious that they are the right answers as they are  right in front of your eyes. But keep in mind that the world mostly offers methods based on fear and pulls you into the trap without the slightest intention of harm. If you learn to read the signs of your heart, you can work on building a new world, sincerely respecting and loving your children. No one can really know what is best for you in a particular situation because the answers to your questions lie only in your heart. Even if parents follow similar paths, each child and each parent is unique, so the solution must also be unique. This wisdom can only be achieved through love.

    2. The wise heart

The heart always keeps wisdom, no matter how lost in the emotional color cavalcade, deep, and invisible, in the simple colors of silence, even as a thousand layers are piled on her.

Thoughts and emotions become colors and impressions that cover the reality of love. Following the path of the heart inward, toward the deeper layers, all the wisdom of the heart is revealed to you. The heart also listens to the mind when it shines in the color of wisdom. Thoughts conceived in love generate feelings of love in the heart, so the two loving brethren go hand in hand.

Dear one! Whatever problem or question arises in you, hide it in your heart wisely and wait. Time is a wonderful tool, essential for maturation in this world, and it is in God’s hands. Your question or problem will be answered exactly when you need it.

Some of you may refute what I say, because you feel that in many cases there is no response and you feel alone with your problems. God always gives an answer, always helps, but you may not realize that with the first yes, you can step on the path where the answer is. After all, you cannot find the answers on the path of fear. Everything is simple, believe me, it only seems to be difficult due to the rigid system of tortuous human way of thinking.

Trust dear soul that the answer will come up, and you will find it when you need to. Knowledge appears in your mind, you hear, feel, you get images, signals that will be completely clear. They leave no doubt behind. Calmness and peace occupies your soul. Responses from love are always coupled with peace, serenity, and confidence. If you do not see a solution to something yet, please be patient. Patience purifies your desires and strengthens your faith. Of course, it is not all about testing. You have to understand that everything happens at the right time, not a single minute earlier, when your soul is ready to accept and experience it. My dear! Everything is happening for you, to be happy.

    3. The sanctuary of love

Beautiful soul! Your heart is constantly connected to the fullness of Heaven as it beats in the Beautiful Heart of God. Your heart is able to conceive things that the mind is unable to comprehend. Creation is an open book. There are no secrets. All knowledge is always at your disposal, but you can only comprehend what your level of awareness allows. The channel of the heart is able to convey messages to you that you may not even be able to put into words. Knowledge is being matured in the sanctuary of your heart and it is the place where you are connected with everyone. The heart is a special place that you know so little about.

The heart is a symbolic expression of your self, not a physical reality, not a place, but a state of being. In this state of being, you are love, peace, and happiness, for God has shared Her essence with you. We explain and depict the same essence in thousands of ways and forms. The main point of every message I convey to you is that you are the love and happiness you seek. The God you are looking for in the height of Heaven is in you. Your brother, whom you see as separate, is part of your heart, for he is exactly the same love and happiness as you are. The symbols are all gates through which you can enter the beautifying reality. They are doors to your consciousness. We are happy to use them because they are effective tools, so I will continue to talk about the heart, but feel it, my dear, that this term covers more than it seems.

The heart is a land of love that reigns beyond space and time. The castle of fulfillment. Here you are really close to each other, as we are all one heart and one soul. Here you hold each other’s hands, though you are not aware. You think how far away the other person is from you, even a loved one, or God Herself. You are one in the sanctuary of your heart. Your hearts are pulsating to one beat, you are healing and loving together. My dear children! This beautifying reality that you have lived in, is so wonderful. You are all here with me, we delight in each other’s hearts and our joy surrounds all human hearts. We are one. Here is a world of peace where you can love anyone with a pure heart and where they are waiting with open arms. Your eternal friends are all here. Your dear children are shining in their eternal light and the strings of the heart will sound a wonderful melody. Here you are your true self, the love that God has created you to be. And everyone else shines in the rainbow of love. Angels delight in the dance of hearts and glorify God with a grateful heart.

It is the sanctuary of love, the Heart of God. From here, every soul starts and returns. All hearts draw from this source and only from this light can you build a world of peace, the new Eden. Visit this sanctuary often, refresh yourself with the dewdrops of silence and allow love to overwhelm your entire being. Take my hand if you want, I am here to guide you. I will help you learn the language of the heart so you can feel the invisible miracle in yourself and in others.

    4. The first love

Immerse yourself in the arms of God, feel again and again the love with which God embraces you. Feel Her power and majesty. Allow your hearts to be completely imbued with the sweetness of beatific reality. By remaining in the embrace of God, you will be able to love your children with the Heart of God. God is humming a single melody into your heart from time immemorial: “I love you!”

Feel the first love you have ever experienced. You are born of the love of God and are in Her loving arms from eternity. You are the outflowing consciousnesses of Her infinite love.

Loving soul! Your heart guards and recognizes the voice of God, who says to you:

“Do you remember, apple of my eyes? We have always been  together. I love you with never-ending love and so do you love me. I carry you within me, just as you carry me. You are inseparable from me, from Love. Your heart remembers our eternal unity. I am the Love that lives in you, embracing everyone in me. I am as much within you as I am in a friend or a stranger to you, and I am in as personal and unique relationship with them as with you. Everything is in me and by me. There is nothing besides me. I am. If you do not feel and hear what I am saying, I will speak to you through people, nature, the whole universe. Hear what I say: Love lives and will live forever.

It fills me with infinite happiness that you listen to my words. I have desired so much that you notice that I have always been here with you. We are inseparable forever. I am in you and you are in me —intertwined in a single blissful embrace.

You never have to be afraid of me. I love you with infinite power and tenderness, as I have always loved you. You can never do anything that would make me turn away from you. We are together, you and me. We experience the miracle of infinite creation together. We are in unity with each other and with all creatures. Love is in everything. Everything is in Love.

Do not hide from me, I long for you so much. Put your tiny hand in my strong and secure hands and let’s walk on the path together. You do not have to stumble in darkness and uncertainty as my light illuminates your path. You are the soul of my soul, I love you with the full love of my heart. ” 

    5. The power of love

There is no greater power in the world than when you love someone. When you are in love with someone, you feel the power of this overwhelming desire. If you purified love of the emotions of the world, of expectations, jealousy, exclusivity, and fear, you would see it shine in its splendor and surely it would not disappear in time like a mirage. Love cannot express itself freely if it is distorted, as you overload it with emotions and conditions.

All the power your children need is in pure love. They starve and thirst for love. Nourish them with love, for that is what they need first. Everyone’s main desire is to love and be loved. You need to fill this desire in the hearts of your children and they will never go hungry and thirsty again. Those many children who are starving on the physical level are a huge warning sign for you to wake up. See the signs of the times! The whole world is starving for love!

Dear ones! Do not allow the cloud of an anxious world to cover the bright light of your trust in God. If you manifest Divine Love, if you express the desire of your heart, the rest will all be given to you. You do not have to think about tomorrow. You will get everything you need.

Fulfill the true desires of your heart, experience yourself, the love you are. Your trust in God, in love, makes you carefree and calm. Are your children worried about what they will eat tomorrow? No, because they know you take care of them. Rely on God with this trust.

My dear children! The power of love lies in itself. You will not find it on the path of fear. The methods of fear cannot reveal it. Love is a wonderful, radiant and majestic circle that always starts from itself and returns to itself. As a result of its self-derived desire, it is spreading to create more and more worlds, which are the living manifestations of love.

Fear is loud and brings war—the power of love lies in silence, in peace.

Fear breeds violence—love is gentle and understanding.

Fear controls—love gives freedom.

Fear demands and expects—love is accepting and grateful.

Fear brings sadness—love brings joy.

Fear punishes—love embraces.

Fear is angry—love forgives.

Fear breeds fear—love creates love.