MOTHERHOOD OF LOVE – 4. Power of Decision

Mother Mary’s message

    1. Happy minutes of the new path

My loving soul! I am always looking forward to these holy encounters with you. We dwell in each other’s souls, in the beautiful Heart of God. This has always been and always will be the case, but only in these moments will you become truly aware of it. Thank you for your willingness and open heart. Worlds are born from this sacred relationship that you will one day realize. I rock you in the arms of love to the sweet and soft melody of love. My love will never leave you.

Feel joy penetrate your heart. You leave behind the remnants of old patterns, worries, and expectations. You walk down the road purely with a cheerful smile on your face—holding my hand. Perhaps you also feel the joy and incomparable happiness that comes from the serenity that the reality of love is planting in your heart. Only love exists forever. Everyone is love. You and your children. No one can ever lose their only treasure, love. It is like looking at the world from the top of a majestic mountain. From this perspective, everything looks different. This is the only aspect, this is the only height from which to view the happiness that awaits both you and your children. Is it not wonderful? Is not that feeling liberating? Fly on the wings of happiness. Allow yourself to be raptured by the joy and exhilarating happiness of love.

    2. The two ways

My dear! One often looks helplessly and desperately at his life, living with the misconception that he has no other choice. He follows on the path that the others are on without realizing what a wonderful gift he has received from God. With free will, it is up to him to choose his path.

God surrounds each and every created soul with such infinite love and unconditional reverence that She has given man the opportunity to choose freely. As a result, you always have the chance to make decisions at any moment, even if you do not feel that way. There are always two paths that appear before you—the path of love and the path of fear. Whatever the circumstances, you can always choose the path of love. No one can ever take that decision from you. You may not always be able to choose the circumstances and situations, but believe me, there are no circumstances or situations where you cannot choose the path of light.  It gives you strength as it puts you in control.

This is also true for your children, my dear. There are always two paths ahead of them, in whatever form they are manifested. Your task is not to choose the path you think is right for them, but to illuminate the nature of these two paths that intersect before them. They need to know where one way leads and where the other way leads, as if they were standing at an intersection. As you have more life experience and insight, you can help them with that.

Look at the chidren! How happy and carefree they can be. So joyful they can almost fly. It is this sincere, captivating joy that is often missing from adults. As the years go by, this joy diminishes more and more in children, as well. If you are really honest with yourself, it is all perfectly reflected in your own life. Of course you think you have an excuse. Adulthood comes with care and trouble. It worries you. However, despite the circumstances, you always have a choice. Do you know that there were also people in the concentration camps who were able to feel gratitude and love? Do you know that there are dying patients who wake up with a smile in their hearts?

Dear soul! No matter how difficult a situation feels, you are always able to stay on the path of light in all circumstances, as it is a matter of your own choice. The circumstances are there, but the answer to situations and events lies in your hands. All you have to do is ask a simple question: Do I want to choose the path of love or fear? The first conscious step on this path puts tremendous power in your hands, as you no longer feel like a victim. External events are only part of the form. The essence is in the decision you make. By choosing love, you did not cast your vote for fear. So, if at any time you feel fear, you just need to be aware that you accidentally deviated from the path, as you have already decided on the route before. It is pointless to think about why, or  to look for solutions. There is only one thing to recall: the first yes on the path of love.

If you choose the path of light, the whole of Heaven is by your side. If you choose love, you choose God. Of course, do not misunderstand it. If one chooses the path of fear—mostly unconsciously—it does not mean that Heavenly beings do not support him with their love. Everyone receives equal love and support—whether they walk on the path of light or fear. But if you are on the path of love, you will be able to feel and know all this support as you have left open the possibility of a connection with the fullness of Heaven.

    3. The virtue of the wise

Respect dresses the heart in royal dignity. It is the virtue of a wise king who loves and respects you so much that you can soar freely.

Every blessed child is the image and likeness of God, the unique face of love. Love them who they are in this moment. Feel honored that God has entrusted to you Her beloved children, the precious treasures of Her Heart. Embrace them with a shining ray of respect.

Those we honor and love, we pay attention to and understand. We respect that they are free and make the decisions they want. We understand—without judging them— that they are merely exercising their freedom when they make a decision.

Feel our reverence for you. By “we” I mean the multitude of Heavenly beings. We respect and love you. We also honor in you the beautiful envoys of love, the faces and likeness of God, and the peaceful worldly wanderers who desire freedom. We respect that you are on your own path and we love you for who you are now in this moment. Feel this radiant ray in your souls and allow my words to fall like tiny seeds into the land of your hearts.

Many young people grow up in a way that no one loved them unconditionally, no one respected them and no one gave them real freedom and the power of decision. Parent-child relationships are ruined because parents have definite ideas about their children and allow them only limited space.

Whatever opportunities unfold for your children, leave behind old methods, judgment, and emotional manipulation. If you want them to be happy, do not take away their opportunity to make a decision on their own. If you force something, if you persuade them, resistance will develop in them. Manipulation and violence are not the way of love. Children unconsciously copy you, adults, so you set an example for them. They will be happy adults if you let them be free, if you love them at all times, no matter what decision they make. You go on your way little by little, you and your child, and there is no difference between you. From an earthly point of view, you are older and, as a result, more experienced. But you are completely equal in love.

    4. Unity of respect and hope

What to do, dear soul, if the child does not choose the path of love? Love and make him feel that you are by his side. There is a huge difference between whether your critical gaze is felt by your beloved child or your unconditional support and love.

Respect, conceived in love, does not discriminate. You are not respected and loved better when you do good. You are respected and loved because you are and because that is the essence of love. The child goes his own way even if you have developed a different expectation in yourself. It is at this point that respect with love steps in. You respect him so much that you allow him to follow his own path. Of course, you can show him the way, you can shed light on the consequences of the possibilities, but remember that you do not see it all. You can not know what he is winning and what he is losing each way. You can not know what or when a new intersection opens before him, just as you can not know the deepest, often unconscious desires of his heart. Trust God to take care of him. How could She leave her child whom She created out of the love of Her heart?

Be with the child with all your heart, talk to him, be his friend, respect and love him above all else. There is no decision, there is no circumstance that could separate you from each other, because you are actually one heart and one soul.

See what God is doing to those who are not on the path of love. Does She turn away from them? Does She take the sun away from them? Does She punish them? God does only one thing—She loves. Infinitely, passionately, tenderly, with a love that gives you unlimited freedom and forever builds new paths for you and each of Her children. God loves you so much that if you could remember Her beatific love for only a single moment, you would never long for anything but Her embracing arms. Your heart would ignite from the Heart of God and you would desire forever to love as She does. God loves you with the passionate tenderness of a loving mother. Love your precious children in the same way. Embrace them and be by their side in sunlight and in the midst of a fierce storm, and do not let the flame of your heart stop for even a single minute. The different paths all softly merge in the embrace of God’s love.

Allow respect and hope to form a unit in you. See the way of the world without judgment. Everyone has a God-given right to live as they please. If God respects and loves man so much as to allow and provide opportunity for choice then his every decision, whether made by light or by fear, deserves  your respect. All this does not preclude you from wishing everyone to be happy, for only the happiness of the heart can lead to a peaceful world.

My dear children! Be infinitely understanding with your children and with each other. Give each other space and time. Do not judge anybody. Take care of your own lives and ways. Respect each other’s decisions. Not everyone will follow the path of love, but since you love each other, you will accept that as well. The world desperately needs your guiding lights. Even those who think they are on the path of light are confused. The light always fills you with peace, goodness, and understanding.

Embrace those who need your embrace. Hold hands. Do not show the way with words alone, but with the light of your acceptance, your radiant peace, and your infinite trust in God, in Love. Be the light, the love that you are. Stay in the embrace of Love and involve the whole world in this embrace. More and more people will involve this precious Earth with a ray of love. Feel the love of the mother as she attracts and hugs each of her children. It does not matter if you are mothers or fathers, women or men. Maternal strength and love are in everyone who walks the path of light. The world needs maternal love now. The mother loves her child who walks the path of light just as much as the other child who has chosen the path of fear, whether consciously or not. How could a mother repel a single child on her own? Pass on this love, the beautiful power of my motherly heart, to the world and you will bring the peace of Heaven to Earth.