MOTHERHOOD OF LOVE – 3. Speaking with Heart Tones

Mother Mary’s message

    1. Unconsciously created colors

Soul in love! Thank you for your attention, willingness and time together. It is a joy to my heart to have this friendship, which includes respect, love and acceptance. It gives freedom and joy to our souls. My words will remain with you as companions so that when you need them, they will emerge from the nest of your heart.

Since you live in a particular system of thought as part of humanity, it would be unwise to deny its existence and pretend it is not so. Your emotions and thoughts form a system, they belong to each other inseparably. You have adopted them and you have a hard time getting rid of them.

If they are in you—even if they are part of a legacy of fear—we need to treat them as your own parts. In this sense, one thing can be done with them, we accept them with respect and hug them. They are your unconscious creations who return to where they came from when the compassionate light of acceptance and understanding is cast upon them. We do not want to destroy your emotions, we do not repel them, we do not even condemn them. They have an important role to play in bringing a message to you. They reveal what your thoughts are, which sometimes like to hide in the secret of the subconscious. We observe them and thank them for being here. Without them, you would not notice where you were going. They can trace you back to your true self.

Emotions are in the voice of the heart, so you think you should definitely follow them. They take you to their wings and often guide you to landscapes where you get lost. You find yourself under strange, disturbing circumstances, or just in a very familiar trap, over and over again, even though you were just following your heart. You forget the fact that the heart, due to the mindset of the self conceived in fear, does not function according to its original task and role. He conjured fear-based colors on the palette, which contained only colors of love.

However, the good old advice to follow your heart is still right. You do not have to follow your heart outwardly, that is, the emotions you experience should not be poured out into the world. You should not act them out but you should take them deep into your heart, to the threshold of your consciousness. You observe them simply, without the slightest intention of condemnation, as you observe animals in nature. You do not interfere in their lives, you do not bother them, you just look curiously and gently. You accept the sight, so the message to be delivered reaches you without distortion. We can also compare emotions to colors that do not need to be analyzed, explained, or researched about their origins.  We just look at them.

The heart is the sanctuary of love, and no matter  how it is colored by fear, it can never cease to be a land of love, because it is in constant connection with God, who is love Herself. As the light of consciousness shines on an emotion, as soon as you are able to embrace your unconsciously created colors without judgment, they will all merge into the Beautiful Heart of God and become light. The heart is freed from the compulsion of fear and spreads itself in the world, leaving happiness behind.

    2. The anxious maternal heart

As a parent, the most characteristic fear-based color or emotion, is worry, or unnecessary concern. How many times have you heard that a good mother worries or even fears for her children. She wishes good for them, she wants to see them happy, so she worries if she feels that her desire for this is hindered. She is afraid that they will go astray and be unhappy. You find all this completely natural and unconsciously have taken over this part of the thought system born of fear.

Love is not afraid or worried. She knows that the entire creation is in the safe palm of God. She just overflows with her love and hugs gently.

When you go beyond the thought system given by the world and see the ever-shining reality of God’s love, confidence and serenity move into your soul. God created your child for love and Her desire and will are for her to be happy. If God desires to see your child happy, then why should you worry? She is in God’s hands. She can never lose her greatest treasure, love. She can never lose herself. Is not that reassuring? Your beloved child has eternal life that no one can ever take from her. The fire of eternal love flares in her heart that no one can ever extinguish. God’s will is holy and sure. If She wants your child to be happy, so be it. Be patient. God is too. Timing is not your task or concern. She holds time and the timelessness in Her hands. Put your worry in the hands of Love. You do not need it. All you need is trust. Trust in God. Trust in love.

Your child is not yours, dear soul. She belongs to God, to love. Feel the honor that God entrusted Her own children to you. She wants them to be under your care. It is not Her intention for you to guide and educate them to behave in a certain way. God has entrusted you with one task: to love your children, who are children of love. You do not have to tell them what to do and how to do it. Everyone finds their own way. You just need to love them. Purely from the bottom of your heart, without expectations and conditions.

You will soon discover wisely that the jealous fear of the mother’s heart is in the embrace of the secure awareness that comes from love until it is ready to merge. Whatever emotions you have, embrace them with the love that lives in you. The more times you do it, the more you free yourself for joy. Just as you teach your children to ride a bike, you can teach them and yourself just as easily. Honestly, accept all your feelings and thoughts at every moment. Joy does not have to be learned, for the happiness of love is a reality in every moment of our lives. Only the barriers need to be removed from the path—by connecting with the power of love.

    3. Stories of the heart

Every moment of your life and every emotion you have has its own story. And it is you alone, dear soul, who can hear these, for they are written to you. Listen to them carefully as each hides a gift.

When you embrace your emotions with the light of consciousness, there is a desire in you not to reject them, to throw them out, but to greet them as a friend who has visited you for some purpose. Accept what they have to say in your heart and let them stay there with you. Your heart is big enough to embrace everything, and because it rests in the Heart of God, love transforms them into light. When you keep certain stories in your memories, you distort them and they give you a false picture. You will preserve all your aching memories, along with the emotions associated with them that will revive in you time and time again the devastating fire of suffering and fear. However, love retains feelings that come from itself and transforms emotions conceived in fear so that your heart is freed for love. That is why the messages of emotions are so important. Your happiness depends on them.

My dear! Next time something arises in your life, stop for a moment so that the emotion—that has appeared in you in response to what is happening—can convey its message. Do not wait for words as the heart speaks another language. You have to immerse yourself deeply in the emotional world of the messenger. You have to let pain and sadness, become palpable in you. You observe where and how it is embodied; what physical feelings and what mental torments it causes. You merely observe, feel them in your body, in your soul, and be inspired to put it all into God’s hands in a beautiful soft way. You pass it from your little heart to the almighty Heart of God. You embrace every messenger peacefully, as they are not your enemies, but your friends, and even more, family members. All of them are parts of you waiting for your loving acceptance.

Receive this message with a cheerful heart. The gift that awaits you on this path is the treasure of the compassionate heart, the compassion for yourself. Love yourself with understanding and tenderness—the way I love you.