MOTHERHOOD OF LOVE – 2. The Miracle of Birth

Mother Mary’s message

    1. The heavenly manna of love

My dear ones! Today is the feast of my incarnation on Earth. It is a majestic and beautiful celebration, and it is of immense significance, like any birth. Celebrations show the direction behind the essence.

I give you a gift today, to everyone who is ready to receive it, as I surround you all with the same love. I give everyone my full self. And it depends on each soul’s own uniqueness and true desire as to what extent they connect with me.

Today, as a result of your desire and wish—which is the manifestation of Heaven on Earth—I am even more present in the life of humanity. Today love is born again in the hearts of many. More and more people are joining this chain of love—Mary’s little children.

Be aware of the significance of this celebration. Feel how important it is for love to be reborn in everyone’s heart. As you know, all of you are born with love in your heart that you can never lose. Love is the essence of everyone. We use the image of birth to help us realize reality. As I am with you and in you, I can help you remember the truth of everything.

Rejoice with me! My children from all over the world turn to me today. Their prayers, like so many white roses, cover Heaven. Rejoice beauties of my heart! The heavenly manna of love floods the Earth, spreading it with immense beauty and tenderness.

    2. The mystery of creation

Every birth refers back to the timeless moment when God created you; for that wonderful momentum  that is incomprehensible to the human mind, when God thought you into existence. If you now immerse yourself in the pure reality of your heart, you can feel the majestic music of silence that filled everything at the moment of your creation. It is all silence and music at once. Eternal dance and eternal immutability. God is all in all things, love in love.

God longed for you to exist, with all the tenderness and power of Her heart. You were conceived in Her incomprehensible and boundless thoughts, in Her infinite and deep love. She wanted love to take shape in you, dear soul. The essence is manifested and expressed through form, which is much more than the current limited form that you see in the world. You have flowed out of God’s Heart like a drop of love to live and get to know yourself.

Every birth preserves the memory of this beautiful moment. The mystery of creation is embodied again and again in every birth. It is a miracle that floods your hearts with infinite happiness and feelings of joy.

Love is born on Earth by the miracle of birth. The Son of God is embodied in every human creature. Every birth carries with it the tremendous desire for love to spread and flow on Earth, in Heaven, and throughout the universe. The ultimate desire of all created souls is to expand themselves, to spread the love they are—in their own unique, inimitable ways.

Feel this miracle. Seek in your hearts the seed of this desire, for it will never die under any circumstances in any created soul. Everyone is bound together by the same common desire. Feel the greatness of this Divine Plan. Enemies will become friends as they realize that the same heart beats in both of them. The whole world is networked and retained by the never-ending power of this desire. Awaken to this wonderful desire to give strength to other people’s innate desires as well.

    3. The first steps of being

But how did this beatific life begin? How did you get to this point of oblivion? Where did the dear child who is now resting in your loving heart start? We look behind the present world to have a glimpse of the fullness of life.

The soul who we are as one, is conceived in the infinite and inexpressible love of God. It dwellt in the embrace of love from eternity and was fully aware of itself as a whole and aware of its unity with God. A desire arose in the soul to know itself as an individual. This thought was a pure desire for cognition. Due to the nature of love, God provided space and opportunity for it. In fact, the soul remained in the embrace of love, but it perceived it differently from that moment on. It stepped out of the consciousness of oneness into the unconsciousness. It was a completely natural process, as the soul could not yet know itself as an individual. The unknown was a new energy, the lack of love began to be felt by the soul now appearing in individuals as it stepped out of the known into the unknown. The lack of the known provided the basis for the appearance of fear. Love will forever remain in unity with the one She created, so the essence of every soul remained love. The awareness of this is the awakening of the soul appearing in the form as an individual.

The blessed human souls, with love in their hearts, traveled on that road until they got to the point where they are now. There is a lot of experience, impression, pain and love in their souls.

I emphasize that it is well engraved in your hearts: It was not evil that led the ancient soul to all this, only the desire to know. Love wanted to appear in individuals. However it was based on clear desire, the jump into the unknown made it possible to perceive the lack of love and to fear to appear. Little by little the human souls—with the growing spread of fear—started to create from fear and do evil. Even though they can do evil, they can never become evil, for love still lives in their heart.

The true self is a beautiful gift from God, and as a result it can only be pure love. The essence of the soul, the core of its true self, is love—this is the part of God, who lives forever and ever. The desire of the self conceived in love is to love and to be loved. It is happy, as it can express itself by spreading love.

    4. The secular wanderer and the envoy of love

The child is born on Earth and little by little, based on feedback from his environment, he puts together who he is. He hears an opinion, a critique and incorporates it into his self-image. All of this leaves a mark on his soul even if he does not consider it true. He forms an image of himself, based on his qualities, behaviors, and emotions, that faithfully reflects the thought system of that world. Because he sees all this in the outside world as justified—since it was all built on this—his self-image is getting stronger. However, this self-image is by no means the same as his real self conceived in love, of which he knows almost nothing about its existence.

The most important task of the parent is to hold a mirror in front of his beloved child in which he can see and know his true self. Let him know and feel the power of unconditional love and eternal happiness.

My dear! See the secular wanderer and the envoy of love in your children. Leave behind mistakes, things to correct or learn, and expectations. Parental endeavor to raise successful citizens involves struggles, unrest, unhappiness. If you let your children express themselves, they will be happy envoys and with it they become peaceful wanderers. If you are able to see it all and make them see it, they will wake up to the beautiful reality of it.

Many times you ask yourself how you can be a better parent. If you become the love you really are, you will be a good parent. If you help your children become the love they really are, they will be happy. Your task is not to discipline them, but hold a mirror before them so that they may see the beauty of their self conceived in love.

You are an envoy of beautiful love, dear soul, as are your children. Allow love to express itself in you.

    5. A prayer of gratitude to Creator Love

My dear children! You have started on a majestic path. It is as if you are walking in a beautiful garden and are admiring all the growing flowers and plants. Feel what a wonderful scent floods everything. Look at the colorful petals of the flowers, the glitter of the morning dewdrops on the leaves, the vibrant blades of green grass bending in the caressing wind. Unrepeatable traces of love. Rejoice, my dear ones, this celebration is holy.

Great happiness pervades my heart so that I can drip the wisdom of Heaven into your souls. What is incomprehensible and invisible to the human eye is just how much beauty and joy awaits you on the path of love. You cannot even imagine the numerous gifts that I am presenting you. Open your petals, turn to the light, like sunflowers. Expect the wonders of love sincerely, with a pure childlike soul. Do not think ahead about what will happen to you. Enjoy every moment of love. Enjoy simple things too:  sunlight, rain, food, a smile. These are all wonderful manifestations of love on Earth.

Thank you for your love, your sincere childlike respect and open heart. I am by your side and in you every sacred moment with the fullness of Heaven. Let us sing our gratitude together to God, Love for the sacred miracle of birth.

“Creator Love, the source of our souls! Our hearts sing with gratitude to You for your infinite benevolance and generosity. Thank you for sharing Yourself, your love with us. How can we express our gratitude other than by allowing love to have a face in us. What greater desire could we have than to be envoys of beautiful love. The source of our infinite joy is You,  fullness of love. Thy will be done forever. May all created souls unite in the never-ending miracle of love—with You, Creator Love. Amen.“