MOTHERHOOD OF LOVE – 1. New Humanity is being Born

Mother Mary’s message

   1. Loving Motherhood on the threshold of the new world

Dear soul! It is with great happiness that I am able to go down this path together with you. I have been waiting so long to share the holy secrets of motherhood with you. I will talk about motherhood for the sake of simplicity, but you need to know that it matters not, whether you listen to my words as a mother or a father. I will talk about the sacred role of parenthood, which includes motherhood and fatherhood.

A beautiful new period will begin on Earth. The world wakes up slowly, stretching from a deep sleep. A new Heaven and a new Earth are being born.  Mankind has matured to move to a new dimension of living and expressing love. Hearts find each other on the timeless wings of love and their peace descends quietly and softly to a world tired of fighting.

New humanity is being born, my dears! Children—whether consciously or not—will remember their self conceived in love and build bridges instead of walls. They will hold each other’s hands boldly and gently and will treasure their hearts, not the proving memories of mistakes. With the fragrant beauty of the flowers in their souls they will spread peace and joy in the world. Children arrive on Earth with a heart of a caring mother and know that every element of nature is valuable and important. They will regard the plants, animals, and beauties of all the inhabitants of Mother Earth as their brothers and sisters. They will protect and defend all creatures of God.

Rejoice, beautiful souls, the foundations of the period of peace already shine on Earth, and angels guard every ray of its light.

Real transformational work is taking place in the depths of the soul. Carry each other in the cradle of your heart. Rock everyone gently to the tune of love, leaving all judgments, all earthly feelings and worries behind you. See God in each of your precious siblings. You cannot see this miracle in the light of your mind, but your heart is ready to glimpse everything I talk about.

Take a look at this amazing picture I have painted for you. Retreat to the silence of your heart so that you can truly experience this miracle. See the Earth shine in its wonderful splendor. The whole beloved planet is floating in a flood of light. All trees and flowers glow with the love of God. All the beauty of nature rests in the arms of God. And look at human beings, the faces of God. How majestically beautiful they are! There is nothing in them but beautiful, flaming love that creates worlds. Look at the deep love that binds all people together. See the miracle. Your hearts are ready for it. Flaming, sweet fire, God’s unspeakable love is reflected back in every human being. They see and love God in each other. Yet each is unique and unrepeatable. A thousand faces of God. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this picture. Carry it within you like a treasure. This is the promise, the promise of God.

My dear ones! You are all mothers in spirit and carry miracles in your hearts. The mother is so preoccupied with the love for the baby carried in her body that she overcomes her fear and worry. The miracle is there in you too. You carry the new world within your hearts. Immerse yourself in the infinite mystery of the birth of the new and keep this miracle in your hearts until its time comes. Love and cherish it with a motherly heart, with tenderness and understanding. Whatever comes before you on the way, return to the miracle carried in your heart. Feel it pulsating in you. Do not let the fears of the world come close. For you already know that the birth of a miracle is on its way.

How will it be born? Dear spiritual mothers! Are you worried  about how it is born? Instead, surrender yourself to the wonderful feeling of being able to see your little one right away. After all, the new world will be your little one. The new humanity is literally born of your heart. If you were able to see this miracle now, the gratitude of God would fill your souls and the eternal happiness of Heaven would shine in your hearts.

You are all the creators of the new. As a parent, you are given a new role: To show your children the beautiful self who they really are, and who is each a created  soul. You need to show them a mirror to see themselves in the light of love. If they see and understand their majestic being, they will be able to see others in the same way. If they watch everything through the eyes of God, they will be happy and will build a happier  world.

So far, all the efforts of parents have been to raise citizens from their children who can fight and survive the challenges of the world. Now is the time to take a new look at the rising generation: they are the envoys of love and the peaceful wanderers of the world.

The time of struggle is over. The battlefield of the world is transformed before your eyes into what is intended to be; a beautiful space and a storehouse of opportunities to discover and experience who you really are; a gorgeous place where you can love and where you are loved. Where you grow in wisdom and love, and where the whole of Heaven surrounds you. The Earth and Heaven, the two worlds you have perceived or hoped for are united through the wonderful power of God.

You are moving step by step towards exploring and accepting reality. The marvellous world of God will unfold before you and you just have to embrace with a happy heart. Without effort. Everyone says yes by free will because this world is so beautiful that you do not even want to be anywhere else than in the heavenly land of God.

We need to start from a new foundation, dear one, because a new world cannot be built on old foundations. The parenting role begins with you examining yourself, the self you believe as yourself, and the self you received from God. You need to see the amazing reality so you can make others see it too. You need to know who you are, my beloved, as you can only give yourself to your children. You always give yourself, even if you do not want to. If you bring the old thought pattern with you and give your children your self conceived in fear, you cannot show them the path to happiness.

    2. The self conceived in love

What is the self like that God created? Who is the self, who you truly are and whom God has forever conceived and longed for with all Her heart?

This is your true self conceived in love. It is a beautiful gift of God that is nothing but love. As is my true self. Likewise to all other created souls. Brilliant love is what you are, limitless, eternally existing, shining happiness. You are the beauty of God and the light of Her eyes. You are full of desire and passion that impells you to share yourself with others. Share the love that you are. It inspires you to spread beauty and be an envoy of beautiful love. Your real desire is to embrace everyone, to draw the whole world into the ray of your love. This is your real self, who you are. You are love and will remain so forever. You just have to be aware and the whole of Heaven will be opened to you.

Love is your own natural state of being. When you are love, you are what God created you to be. Joy comes from the depths of your being, as love flows naturally from you. It is like a fresh, healing spring that provides life-giving water to anyone who turns to it. It does not hold itself back from anyone. The greatest happiness for love is to be able to give itself always in all circumstances. Love is the living, beatific link that connects you to God and to the whole of creation. Nothing can ever cover the love within you, and you can never cease to be who you are. The world has brought something different into you, but now you can awaken to your true Self and be happy with the Divine Love that is within you forever and ever.

If you are aware that you are love, that you have come from the Heart of God, the Heaven of Love, and will return there, you will be able to awaken your precious children to it. This is how you can help them the most to be happy.

However, these thoughts do not motivate you to reject the self you have known through the world. Awareness and acceptance in love is the only path that leads to your true self. You embrace with understanding all that is not love, and you put everything in the hands of the One. Only She is able to create light and make the hearts free for love.

    3. Expressing yourself

Following my words, the desire to know yourself and the whole world as God knows it will awaken in you. I am holding a mirror in front of you and the image you see will fill you with beauty. The all-encompassing will and enthusiasm to pour yourself out into the world will pop out of you again naturally.

The desire to express yourself is born in your soul, and even your desires, impulses, and motivations are as unique as you are, so only you can know the form of your expressions. You can realize the love of who you are with my loving thoughts. If you already live your daily life with this consciousness, the form of expression will come naturally, all the beauty and goodness that you are, will flow softly out of you.

To live and manifest yourself, the love that lives in you, is the essence embodied in the variety of form. Words and deeds refer to the essence, the core of the soul, the fullness of which remains hidden in the unspeakable and indivisible reality behind the form.

My beloved! If you live in the pure light of your true self, you can only give love to everyone because you are giving yourself. Do not be content with the limitations of form. Bring the love that lives in you into the world and share yourself. Whatever you think, feel and do, you can never cease to be yourself. You can never be anything but love—even behind the deceptive face of form.