DIVINE DANCE – The Wise Heart

MotherMary’s message

My dear heart! The new is here, reaching another phase in consciousness. How wonderful you are. Let God dance in you. There is an unconscious reservoir within you that you have not noticed yet, and it tosses you from side to side. Living life sometimed from the reality of the heart and at other times from the mind.

The heart and mind alone and separated, roaming without each other, are always lost. The two together are needed for something new to be born. You are led out of this state by the two becoming one now. The heart and mind can only lead the way joined together, fully intertwined with each other. Because you still need guidance, you need a compass living on Earth.

What can you do to bring about the unity of heart and mind? Understand that they are one. That they do not have to become one, because they have always existed as one. But you have thought about them existing in two planes, which you observe from one perspective or the other. However, if you relocate from your point of view high enough, you will see that they were always one, but appeared otherwise because you did not hitherto know how to look from above. You are elevating now as the movement itself puts everything in a different perspective. Nothing has changed in the process, neither have you, only your point of view has changed. By slightly moving away from the previous position, a new perspective opens up in front of you. You now discover the wise heart. The presence of the word “wise” refers to the mind, and the heart leads by its own power.

The wise heart is the new reality—for you, at this moment. Actually this has always been the case, but your perception has been distorted until now. All we have to do, is to now look at more and more perspectives so as to see the blissful reality more and more fully.

Your wise heart loves the vibration of the words—both together and separately. Realize that wisdom cannot exist without the heart. Without wisdom, the heart would be a cavalcade of colored sounds. They have never existed separately. They exist in such a wonderful intertwining that neither can live without the other. They need each other, like air. They always move in a circle, showing the way constantly.

But how can you feel the power of its guidance?

First, you need to know that they are one. You have to absorb the power and smell of the words. You need to let the knowledge rest in your heart. You need to let your thoughts permeate your heart and your feelings through your mind. You have to look behind the present reality. You need to feel the color and smell of the thoughts. When a thought pops up in your mind, you let it descend into your heart. Or when a feeling appears in your heart, you bring it into your mind so that it can put on the garment of wisdom. They form an eternal circle in a beautiful dance. They appear at once, as the two form a dance, but you do not see and feel that yet. The mind must meld with the heart, and the heart with the mind, and enter into the reality of the one wise heart.

Maybe you feel too removed from this perspective, so I will bring it a little closer. Let’s take a thought as an example. I say to you: God is love. You are trying to grasp the thought while due to its own power and momentum it continues to spin within you, but is becoming already distorted a little because the mind is unable to comprehend the fullness of reality.

As soon as I spoke the words to you, feelings immediately appeared in your heart, but you simply realized it not, because the role of the mind is very amplified in your world. The heart translates the sentence into feelings, which immediately appears in the mind too, but the mind wants to make the world of feelings immediately visible, tangible, so that it can be grasped for what it is. Thus a mental image with colors is created as a result of the joint effort of the mind and heart. This is not the real truth, but constitutes a very important phase. You desire to give shape to the formless at this point.

But if we deviate from what we have experienced so far, a new perspective opens up. I say to you: God is love. Now you deeply absorb the scent and color of the words. Your mind wants to stop you by saying that words have no scents and colors. But you continue further on because you know it will lead you to a new perception. You allow your mind to gently repeat the words: God is love. Your desire now is to experience the taste of words. Your mind is no longer involved because it has been given the  task of repeating the words. You try to capture the taste, scent, color, and music of the words. If the mind wants to intervene, you gently repeat the words. This will open the reality of the wise heart to you. You let the words wash in your heart. The heart and mind are now moving at a pace and are happily dancing, lifting you into incredible happiness, being finally liberated and doing what they are destined to do.

The heart and mind are pulsating in you together, and breathing together having become a single movement. Neither exists without the other—they are intertwined in a blissful dance. They transport you to a new world.

Now we dive into silence a little and let the wise heart guide you. You repeat softly: God is love. You inhale the words, feeling their taste, color, scent and music. You are not expecting anything new. You are not expecting any experience. You gently surrender to this dance, this ripple. Remain in it for a little.

This meditation, this prayer, is as simple and beautiful as the wonderful dance, rhythm and ripple of the breath. You cannot give words to this experience because it takes you beyond the realm of the senses and thoughts. Just be there and relax in it, to recharge your body and soul from the breath of love.

After a while, this condition becomes perceptible to you, which is like switching to another frequency. You slip into the soft fragrant silence on angel wings—light, shiny and smiling.