DIVINE DANCE – Drops of Happiness

Mother Mary’s message

What is happiness, beautiful soul? I cannot condense it into words. Sometimes you think that happiness is what makes you fly, which motivates you to share yourself. You imagine happiness as a kind of activity. If you are happy, you want to rush, fly, create, embrace, dance, paint, write.

It is all a slice of happiness, a way to a joyous place. You discover a gate with joy and bursting enthusiasm, and want to become one with the gate. You desire to sense everything through that gate. You stop at the gate, savouring the drop of happiness and you want to act it out. You sit on the back of the flying bird and let it delight you. You cling to the drop and you think you have found happiness. Your heart wants to break out, feeling it can be nothing but total happiness itself! How beautiful your dance is my dear heart. But this is not complete happiness, just this single drop. Go further beautiful soul, going even deeper. Do not yet get on the wing of the bird of happiness, do not act it out yet, rather let it carry you further, deeper and deeper until you reach yourself.

Stay with with the expanding desire in your heart, become one with it. Feel it, and inhale the drop. Let yourself be nourished by it. As you absorb it into yourself, as you stop in the stillness of happiness, the gate within you begins to expand to infinity. You become a dance that is motionless. You become an inexhaustible wellspring of love. You are the light that nourishes and enlivens all.

Words are insufficient here. You need to deeply inhale the drops of happiness until they become one with your being. You let the dance—that wants to soar—abate within you. It does not diminish as a compelling desire, but is diverted to another plane. You transfer the momentum you experience to the world that is within, which is yourself. You have to be nourished by it first, letting the feeling become one with you in the silence, in the mystery of the heart. When the drop has become one with you, you feel more complete, so that henceforth you are giving your whole self to the world not just a single drop. You will savour the experience, becoming one with it and be deeply nourished.

A thousand drops of light and happiness flow to you, and you eagerly drink in, and act out the moment celebrating it in the dance of form. You fly merrily like a hungry butterfly who collects sweet nectar and flies on and on always hungry for more and more.

Close your eyes to the world for a moment and take the drop of happiness you perceive as coming from the outside deeply into yourself. Then from this depth take out what you want to spread. Feel this ripple from outside to inside. And from high to deep, then turn the dance around. You steer the movement in a new direction by stopping the momentum of the form. You impregnate it with your essence and wash it with love. You raise the form within yourself which is permeated by the holiness of the divine presence. You move with the Creator within you. You allow the newly started movement to be Its movement within you. You let God lead the dance. The momentum of the form must be contained, so as not to act out immediately the feeling that appears. This is how you hand over the leadership to God who will start the dance in you and whose movement will appear in your arms and through your whole being. There will be both softness and strength in your dance of beauty and harmony.