Mother Mary’s message

It is raining softly, sprinkling refreshing drops of rain on the awakening world and we are here together, my dear, listening to their soothing music.

You give yourself over to the moment, smiling. Now you do not desire sun, wind, yesterday, tomorrow. You surrender to the present, accepting the rain, with its own music and scent.

If it has to rain now, you softly accept that it is raining. You do not want to send it away, hurry it up,  or change it. You let it be what it wants to be.

You tune in to its being. You dive into the raindrop, the cloud. It only radiates a yes, the pure power of being to you.

Your mind recalls bad rainy days when rain hurt you. You feel all the sorrows of the heart again and allow the pain of the past to be surrounded by the peace and yes of your self.

Yes, things happen that you are not happy about. You faithfully guard your memories, which hurt your soul, your body. You say yes to them, the compelling yes of helplessness. The yes of your will, in which your heart is not yet integrated in it. You force acceptance on yourself, because there is no point in facing the world.

Now you release the compulsion of the yes. You allow yourself to see the “no” in you. You do not want to accept, you do not want to suffer. You observe the popping “no” within yourself.

Ease ripples through your soul. You let your heart feel what it wants. You do not force your will on it, you just listen softly, understandingly.

You feel free because God also allows you to say no. You do not want to let go of your pain. You do not want to let everything bad go into oblivion. You allow the “I don’t want” to express itself in your heart.

You stand in the light and watch your heart ease. You let all the “noes” appear in you. They line up as if they were actors in a play, and you watch from the audience until they play their part.

Delivering their message, they bow before you and take off their props. There are so many different “noes” all in one place, in your heart. Tiny little energy samples. Waving, winding vortices.

You are happy to stop fighting. You said yes to all the stifled “noes”. You do not take them out into the world because they played only for you.

The light of understanding fills your heart and mind. You cannot fight for peace. Peace is born—from the depths of the heart.

Yes, there is pain and unrest now and then. Yes, sometimes “no” is born in you. Still, you can say yes to everything. You let them be.

It creeps into your thoughts again about why, but now you let go softly. The heart does not ask, it just hugs. It also embraces yes, no and why. With exactly the same love. It envelops them with itself so that the new yes can be born, which unites all previous yeses, noes, and whys.

You say yes over and over again. But it is no longer a yes of helplessness and will, but of love that can do nothing but embrace in a loving way.