DEWDROPS OF WISDOM – The Most Beautiful Garden

Mother Mary’s message

Slowly and softly, everything is shrouded in silence. We are in the silence of your heart, my beloved. In the sacred space behind the words—in the Heart of God.

We start together—hand in hand.

Look what a wonderful place it is! The beautiful garden of your heart.

The silky green grass is dotted by tiny colorful flowers, spots of joy—the grass of life that never loses its radiant power. Your soul is caressed by a soft breeze, conjuring a spring scent into every little cell of yours.

Bright, caressing sunlight accompanies our journey as we move forward with a smile. We know where we are heading. We know that right in the middle of the garden, Someone is waiting for us. Someone who we long for so much.

A soft bird song can be heard, the joyful voice of life. The breath of life fills everything. Colors, sounds, dazzling shapes appear as we move deeper and deeper. The manna of beauty falls from the sky, filling our souls with ever-increasing beauty.

The world is so far away. We are no longer disturbed by its hustle or bustle. Your worries will fade in the distance. Maybe they are not yours anymore. Everything might be dissolved in the blue of the sky.

We stop and look around. How much beauty shines everywhere, how much charm and goodness.

“Would it all come from my heart?” —you wonder to yourself. Yes, dear child, your heart preserves all goodness and beauty. The love you gave is here. The colors, the beautiful shapes, the soft music of silence all guard your treasure.

Here is everything you gave to others. Love pulsates in every blade of grass, in every tiny petal. The goodness, and the love that is your own being, shines here—in the beautiful Heart of God. Nothing that is eternal can disappear. Time cannot deprive you of anything. It gently hands over to the timeless.

All beauty and goodness will flow in your soul. Your joy grows moment by moment as we move deeper and deeper.

You remember that you did not even set out on this road alone, and now you are glancing at me. “How brilliantly beautiful you are!” —you say silently to me. We linger in each other’s arms for a moment like mother and child. The timeless veil falls on us and our souls tremble in the silence of the heart.

Every minute is so sweet on this sacred road. You are surrounded by happiness and you do not even want to be anywhere else. You are here at home, in the beautiful palace of your heart.

A waterfall appears in front of you, which fills your soul with excitement. Strength and softness at the same time. Light and water together. As you get excitedly closer and closer, its music and scent will happily spread out in your cells.

Yes, this is in your heart too. You enthusiastically become like a little child, and its light and strength wash away the dust of the road from you. The thoughts and feelings of earthly existence softly disappear into the distance. You feel that your body, your soul is renewed.

Excited joy overwhelms you when you notice you are standing at the gate—in the innermost, secret little garden of the heart. Gratitude ripples through your soul that you have reached this far. And now you enter—the innermost sanctuary.

You know and feel that this moment is sacred. You know and feel that Someone is waiting for you.

And you see Him. He appears from the distance, but you are flooded with such a brilliant light that it attracts you irresistibly. You are is already weakened by the sight, you may not be able to run there, but He will appear before you and take you in His arms.

You sink softly into happiness and you know you have always been here.

You will bathe in His light forever and your heart bursts with beauty.

Then you will hear his voice, which carries such tenderness that you completely melt in His arms:

“Beauty of my heart! I was waiting for you so much! I counted your steps as you approached. Soul of my soul! You have journied for so long! You have finally arrived. You are at home.  Fear not, everything is fine. I rock you softly in my heart—forever and ever. I have always rocked you, guarded you, protected you, but you slept dear child. You slept deeply, very deeply. But now you have awakened, and while you may be falling asleep a little more, you will never sleep so deeply again. I will take away your nightmares and bring you happy dreams instead. You are here with me, as always. You are the soul of my soul, you are the beautiful fruit of my heart! How can we live without each other? We are inseparable forever. You and I are one. I love you so much. Fear not, I will stay with you. I rock you softly and I hum the melody of happiness to you. Do not worry about anything. I will arrange everything around you. Stay here with me. I love you with all the love of my heart. ”

Timelessly, Love still rocks you, and then you slowly leave the sanctuary. You know and feel that you are not back on the road empty-handed. Love stays with you forever.

“It has never been different”—you think laughingly, and your heart is bursting with happiness. You will be happy to discover that your flowers are even more colorful, the silky grass is even softer and the singing of birds sprinkles your soul with beauty. The wings of love fly.

I will not let go of your hand as we come together and go back together. I will stay with you in rain and sunshine. I love you with infinite love—forever and ever.