DEWDROPS OF WISDOM – The Miracle of Who You Are

Mother Mary’s message

Dear heart! We are sitting side by side in silence, as we are friends and we are not disturbed by silence. Flowers open around us, covering everything with color and scent.

You let the daily worries fly like colorful butterflies. Now you simply want to exist. You watch your thoughts pop up. You do not want to catch them, you just look at them smiling. The totality of your feelings suggests a colorful impression, but now you can let go of their scent as well. You feel the pulsation of life in your veins, in the soft rhythm of your breathing. You listen to their music quietly.

You empty yourself. You leave behind your thoughts, your feelings, to receive God’s thoughts. You do not expect words, you do not expect pictures, you simply exist in silence. Peace and joy pour out in your soul and rock you in sweet happiness.

This peace, this joy is not a new feeling. It has always been in you. There was no time when this happiness would not have been part of your being. You are the peace, you are the joy that spreads in your body. You are the happiness that radiates from you.

Your mind contemplates this wisdom quietly and shines in the light of understanding.

You are the happiness and love you are looking for. God is in you and you are in Him, for He has shared Himself with you when He has called you into existence. You do not want to understand the incomprehensible. You simply absorb the scent and sweetness of love.

You accept your self with a grateful heart as an incomprehensible gift from God. A beautifully unfolding process of awareness unfolds before you.

“I am peace” —you say to yourself and allow the peace of who you are to show itself in front of you in pictures, colors, impressions. Its power fills your body, your soul.

“I am happiness” —the words sound in your soul, and you inhale every drop of happiness, letting its joy-bringing power dissipate within you.

“I am love” —you say from your pure heart, and you see yourself in the light of your consciousness. You know you have never been anything else but love. You radiate the love within you with every heartbeat. Your being displays a ray of God’s light. You are a happy and peaceful being, the dancing ray of the Eternal Sun.

This is you, beautiful heart. It is your self that is so you and so much a part of God—a wonderful, unrepeatable face of love.

You do not even know how precious you are, my beloved. God, with the fullness of His passion and love, longed for you to exist. He wanted to share with you the love of His Heart. You are immersed in this majestic miracle and your heart is filled with gratitude to God.

“I am love” —you repeat over and over, and a smile of happiness spreads in your being.

A beloved appears in your mind, who you love from the bottom of your heart.

“You are love” —your smile whispers at her, and your souls are filled with radiant joy.

“You are love” —your heart whispers to everyone who comes to you. You know and feel that everyone is love—pure love. You see in them what they may not yet see, but in the light of your eyes they may see their true selves.

You guard the dormant miracle. You guard the face of God in your brothers and sisters that the world may not yet know, that is yet to be discovered. We are all beautiful faces of love, my dear heart.

There is wonderful harmony in your soul. There is love in and around you everywhere. You inhale love deep into your heart so that its light will flow naturally into the world.

You are love and everyone else is love around you. There is no point or place in the universe where there is no love. Love permeates everything and holds everything in its embrace. Love is God. You happily accept the miracle that has been dormant so far, and your heart is filled with deep gratitude to God.