I have been inspired to create this website due to a series of remarkable and beautiful experiences I have had with Mother Mary, in recent times. I share the inspiring and guiding messages of Mother of Love with all dear readers. Her messages, resulting books, cover a wide range of topics, both practical and spiritual; from how to live our parental role and our relationship in love to the importance of maintaining one’s body and soul in the best possible condition. She leads us to a New World based on trust in God, love and wisdom. The cornerstone of this world is the awareness of our identity in God.

You are the happiness and love you are looking for.
God is in you and you are in Him, for He has shared Himself with you
when He has called you into existence.

Heavenly Messages


I warmly invite you to fully immerse yourself in the captivating and sublimely beautiful and loving words from Mother Mary, Mother of Love, which are so uplifting and healing for both body and soul. With Her guidance, we enter the New World and awaken to the magnificent Divine Spirit that we are.